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Twenty three year old who loves sex and loves love. I'm a good girl and a closet slut. Welcome to my closet.
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Oh. My. Christ.

I am so sorry for being gone. I feel like I’ve just been a giant ball of stress lately with work and my best friend’s wedding coming up this weekend and bah!

I am going to attempt to blog more. I promise I’m going to try. I miss this.

Boyfriend and I have been talking…turns out he was just getting tired of me sleeping with the 2 regular guys I always did. That was getting stale and boring. But he does still like the idea of me with other people. SO.

We sexted about it twice this week and that was pretty exciting.

so the other day

I dropped him off and he kissed me goodbye in the car. As per usual. But this time he kissed me hard. And then reached over, feeling me up and pinching my nipples through my shirt.

After a bit longer, he stopped. “Man, you just melted into the seat,” he laughed.

He’s never done that in the car before.

I’ve been freaking out about it for days. :)

boyfriend update.

We had a huge “talk.”

I had been trying to bring up telling him about my sexting session with that sexy guy. He wasn’t really interested. I asked if he wanted to hear it.

He said, “Meh, not really.”

I asked why.

He said, “Dunno, don’t really care one way or another.”

He explained that he had felt pretty apathetic about the whole me sleeping with other people thing for a while now. It wasn’t that he hated it, it just didn’t excite him as much and he didn’t know why. But he wanted me to do it because he knows how much I love sex.

I cried. A lot. I felt like I had been cheating on him. Of course I love sex, but the main reason I had been doing this was because it was something we shared together, and even if we weren’t having sex it was still something that turned him on. And it was gone.

I don’t know. We’re still talking about it. He sexted me that night a little, asking questions.

Blah. So yeah, I’m great.